Where your mathematical weaknesses is the key to improving your skills

Calculus single multivariableMany college students may find studying Calculus or any mathematics subject complicated. This could be due to the way a teacher introduces the subject or the subject alone isn’t of interest to the student. However, this issue doesn’t need to occur because students have the sources to get the help they need to pass their math classes. With that being said, Calculus Single and Multivariable 6th Edition is the best way to go. There are many benefits students will get when utilizing this book to the best of their ability some of which you will not find elsewhere. Keep reading to find out why this particular textbook is a student must have. read more

Anatomy and Physiology eBook

Principles of Anatomy and PhysiologyPrinciples of Anatomy and Physiology, 13th Edition, which was written by Bryan H. Derrickson and Gerard J. Tortora, provides students with a wide range of tools that can assist the student in learning the human body. The text comes included with with WileyPlus, which incorporates short audio lectures to supplement the text’s readings and illustrations; WileyPlus also includes resource summaries, chapter reviews, and self-quiz questions that aid in the student’s learning of anatomy and Physiology. The added resource provides students with powerful study tools which include lab exercises, cadaver videos, and interactive animations that works to ensure that students excel at their learning. read more

The great introduction to linear algebra for undergraduate students

 Elementary Linear Algebra Applications Version 11th EditionElementary Linear Algebra Applications provides an introduction to linear algebra that is appropriate as a first course for undergraduates. The purpose of the text is to present the basics of linear algebra in the clearest way, with instruction as the primary consideration.
A previous class in calculus is recommended, but it is not a formal requirement. However, the text includes labeled exercises and examples for students who have had a course in calculus.
Elementary Linear Algebra Applications sets forth the basic tenets of linear algebra with clarity and simplicity. The text examines the main ideas of computational examples and geometrical interpretation. The book is configured to proceed from familiar to unfamiliar concepts, and delivers concise explanations of each section. read more

Marketing management has gone through great changes

Marketing Management The Big PictureMarketing management is one generic discipline in business that lays it focus on various applications of business techniques which include marketing resources and marketing activities management. In this case therefore, the book Marketing management: The Big Picture offers the whole overview regarding the integrated strategy-through-execution process. This is the framework that will allow students to have a better understanding of strategic marketing as a system whereby changes in one aspect will tend to affect others. In the same case, strategic decisions also have executional consequences. read more