Begin your engineering course

Engineering Your FutureEngineering Your Future An Australasian Guide 3rd Edition is an essential engineering textbook written by a group of engineering professionals, David Dowling, Tim McCarthy, Caroline Baillie, Roger Hadgraft and Doug Hargreaves. The text aims to build on the success of the two previous editions by articulating the importance of practical skills in solving engineering problems and design issues. The highlighted topics are based on local examples as well the broader engineering discipline. read more

Engineering, physics, mathematics and computer science information in new edition

Engineering Mathematics Advanced engineering mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig 10th edition provides you with a complete and advanced guide for learning engineering mathematics. The edition is known for it’s all inclusive coverage filled with accuracy and exceptional exercises. The information that is provided will ensure that each student has the tools that are needed to excel with their education. In the future each student will be able to utilize this textbook for useful information for years to come. Engineering, physics, mathematics and computer science information will all be included in this etext and will be easily accessible and readily available in the future. Even though technology advances at such a rapid rate, the advanced engineering mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig 10th edition will be your first resource to turn to when you need additional information. read more

What is Economics

Principles of EconometricsThe Principles of Econometrics 4th Edition is the most recent book in the Principles of Econometrics series. This textbook serves as an introductory book for undergraduate students who are taking economics and finances courses. Prior to opening this book, it is expected that the undergraduate student has taken elementary statistics and the principles of economics. Since the principles of econometrics center around applying certain types of math and statistics to economic data, this knowledge would be essential for any undergraduate student studying economics and finances to know before starting this course and obtaining this book. Students can purchase this book in either E-Text or hardcover. read more

Marketing management has gone through great changes

Marketing Management The Big PictureMarketing management is one generic discipline in business that lays it focus on various applications of business techniques which include marketing resources and marketing activities management. In this case therefore, the book Marketing management: The Big Picture offers the whole overview regarding the integrated strategy-through-execution process. This is the framework that will allow students to have a better understanding of strategic marketing as a system whereby changes in one aspect will tend to affect others. In the same case, strategic decisions also have executional consequences. read more