If you own any kind of business that requires you to print receipts

label printerA label printer is a type of printer that can print on self-adhesive material and card stocks. They are used in retail, for packaging labels, for laboratory sample markings, printing bar codes, and many other purposes.

Why do you need a label printer?

If you are a small company that is shipping more than 5 items per day, it would be a smart decision to get a label printer rather than printing a separate digital receipt for each product and pasting them on the products. It consumes a lot of time and costs more. In general, if you own any kind of business that requires you to print receipts, labels, or cards frequently then you should buy a label printer. It will save you a lot of time and will be cost-effective.
You will find different types and companies of label printers in the market. You have to choose the one that works best for you. However to choose a good label printer you can look for some qualities that a label printer should have.
Let’s make it easier for you and talk about these qualities.

1. Print on different materials

A good label printer should be able to print on a variety of materials. These materials mostly include thermosensitive or plastic paper. The seller will of course try to sell you the printer which is easy for them to produce, however, you need to consider what kind of material you want for your company and if the printer works on that kind of material or not.

2. Provide color options

Some label printers only print in one color i-e black, however,other printers can print different colors including yellow on black, yellow on pink, and some other color choices. If you only want a single color you can get the only black printer, however, if you have a design of your card that has some colors in it then you will have to go for the other printer that can print colors.

3. Support different lengths and widths of roll

A good label printer should be able to support different lengths and widths of blank label tapes. Currently, the good label printers in the market can work with continuous rolls, and some consist of fixed lengths after which the label can be torn off.

4. Should work on battery

When you are a shipping company you have to move around the products and clearly you cannot have a cord long enough that goes everywhere with you. Which means that you should get a label printers machine that works on batteries. A good label printer should have built-in batteries and if it has the option of externally attachable batteries that’s even better.

5. Should support Wi-Fi

A good label printer should have Wi-Fi support. Some printers work only with USB which limits their use because they cannot be connected to the internet. When a label printer machine can be connected to Wi-Fi it becomes part of the network and becomes much easier and flexible to use. You would be able to connect the printer to mobile and computers both. So when you buy a label printer make sure that it supports Wi-Fi.

So this was a small guide for you to follow when you buy yourself a label printer. What kind of printer you buy depends on your needs and what kind of designs and products you want to print. One of the greatest advantages of label printers is that they can do a wide variety of tasks at a very low cost. So you are all set to buy your label printer now.