Anatomy and Physiology eBook

Principles of Anatomy and PhysiologyPrinciples of Anatomy and Physiology, 13th Edition, which was written by Bryan H. Derrickson and Gerard J. Tortora, provides students with a wide range of tools that can assist the student in learning the human body. The text comes included with with WileyPlus, which incorporates short audio lectures to supplement the text’s readings and illustrations; WileyPlus also includes resource summaries, chapter reviews, and self-quiz questions that aid in the student’s learning of anatomy and Physiology. The added resource provides students with powerful study tools which include lab exercises, cadaver videos, and interactive animations that works to ensure that students excel at their learning.

Principles of Anatomy and Physiology features an innovative art program with generously sized illustrations which include key concept statements in addition to review questions so that students are placed in a consistent learning environment that enables them to make connections between the text and the incorporated visual elements. The 13th edition also features current discoveries and learning aids; In the text, students will find that that its coverage and scientific research, including breakthroughs, are kept current so students are kept up to date with cutting edge technology pertaining to the human body. There are also carefully integrated learning aids such as summary tables, pronunciations, readable narratives, word roots, and cross-reference complements.

The authors of Principles of Anatomy and Physiology 13th Edition did a superb job in maintaining a balance of function and structure while continuing to place emphasize on the correlations between pathophysiology, normal physiology, pathology, normal anatomy, and homeostasis and homeostatic imbalances. The illustrations incorporated into the text are refined and cannot be surpassed by any other text on the market. Because the Principles of Anatomy and Physiology 13th Edition’s innovative electronic media and text, students won’t receive a more rich or complete learning resource anywhere else.

The text comes in three options; Rental, digital, and print. Renting the text allows the student to own it for 30 days and gives them full access to all its features; Even being able to view the material both offline and online. For digital options; Students can choose between just the E-Text or receiving the E-Text with WileyPlus. The text can be viewed on most digital devices and notes and highlights are synced among them all so students only have to make them once. The print version comes either in binder ready form, with WileyPlus included, or in textbook form with WileyPlus included; Binder ready is ideal for those who would prefer to only carry the necessary pages to class while the textbook is perfect for those who prefer to have their actual books. Whether students choose the print or digital option, the layout of the text is the same so there won’t be any problems following along.

Principles of Anatomy and Physiology, 13th Edition is apart of Wiley’s Affordability Program which provides high quality learning resources to students regardless of their budget. This allows Wiley to do what they do best; Which is helping teachers teach and giving students the ability to continue their education.