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Engineering Your FutureEngineering Your Future An Australasian Guide 3rd Edition is an essential engineering textbook written by a group of engineering professionals, David Dowling, Tim McCarthy, Caroline Baillie, Roger Hadgraft and Doug Hargreaves. The text aims to build on the success of the two previous editions by articulating the importance of practical skills in solving engineering problems and design issues. The highlighted topics are based on local examples as well the broader engineering discipline.

The textbook is targeted at undergraduate students, who are beginning their engineering course. Some of the critical themes covered throughout the text include; effective communication, ethical practice and sustainability. This is in addition to core engineering concepts such as engineering economics, design and professional responsibility as well as various projects and student activities. These exercises are specially formulated to encourage students to put their engineering skills and principles into practice.

The Digital and Textbook Copies

Some of the new features that have been included on the new Engineering Your Future An Australasian Guide 3rd Edition ebook Dowling include; an Interactive Study Guide, Critical Thinking Questions and new and updated examples of real-world engineering projects. The textbook is available in print and digital copy, each with a unique ISBN. The ISBN on the textbook is 9780730314721, while that of the E-Text is 9780730324898. The digital version retails at a price of 55 AUD. The digital package includes Wiley E-Texts that is powered by VitalSource. The E-text can be accessed using a tablet, computer, iPad or Smartphone. This means you can read the material at any time and place.

The other facts that you need to know about the E-Text is that, it includes complete digital copy and is cheaper than the published copy. Students can also perform searches easily, take notes and make quick highlights in the E-Text version of the text. If you order the digital version of this book, it remains yours for life. On the other hand, the print version of this textbook is basically the traditional version of the course textbook. The print version is available for 115.16 AUD. The 1.5lbs engineering textbook is available with free shipping in Australia.

The Authors

Professor David Dowling teaches at the University of Southern Queensland. He has more than 30 years of experience and is a fellow of Institution of Engineers in Australia. Dr. Anna Carey is a research fellow at the University of Tasmania. She is a wine science expert and a multi-disciplinary publisher. Doug Hargreaves is an assistant dean, Science and Engineering faculty at Queensland University of Technology. His areas of expertise include fluid mechanics and tribology. Prof Rodgers Hardcraft, Prof Caroline Baillie and Prof Tim McCarthy teach at the University of Melbourne, University of Western Australia and University of Wollongong respectively.

The Publisher

Engineering Your Future An Australasian Guide 3rd Edition is published by John Wiley & Sons Australia. Because of Wiley’s continued commitment to higher education, the affordability program is committed to hand teachers and students the best learning resources at highly affordable rates to encourage learning.

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