The most important aspects of Physics so that students can learn

fundamentals of physics extended hallidayThe Fundamentals of Physics 10th Edition is a University level textbook Published by Wiley. It of course covers the most important aspects of Physics so that students can learn the basics and begin to get a grasp on the more important aspects of the science.

The textbook comes with a log in key for WileyPlus with Orion. Wileyplus is an awesome system that can help students to better learn the material in their textbooks through online questions and reading material that helps to expand upon what is in the initial textbook. The inclusion of Wileyplus makes this textbook a huge bargain considering the amount of value Wileyplus brings to the table alone, on top of that the text itself is extremely well made and informative.

The Fundamentals of Physics extended 10th edition hallidaytextbook covers a multitude of topics including:

Force and Motion
Potential energy and conservation of energy
Rolling, torque, and angular momentum
Temperature, heat, and the first law of thermodynamics
Photons and matter waves
Quarks, leptons, and the big bang

and that is only a few of numerous other things that you will learn about. This textbook covers enough topics that any aspiring student will be able to refer back to it even if they no longer need it for a specific class.
This edition of the text includes rewritten chapters that allow for better understanding and comprehension as well as being more informative on things such as the Schrödinger equation and reflection of matter waves. This edition also features new sample problems and homework questions that can help a student to really get a good feel for practicing the information they have learned and putting it to better use than the previous editions would have allowed.

The book is written by Jearl Walker, Robert Resnick, and David Halliday, three exceptional authors who have written and worked on previous editions of this same book and have displayed their knowledge of the Fundamentals of Physics many times before. Also included with the WileyPlus login is a copy of The Flying Circus of Physics, also written by Jearl Walker.

Whether you are a student looking to get a good book to help you learn physics, a professor searching for the best book to help you teach your class or an individual with simply a thirst for knowledge for the world of physics this book is a guaranteed solid entry point for your learning adventure. Its wealth of knowledge and ease of reading will make the job of learning considerably easier for anyone looking to improve. The sheer amount of extras that come with this book alone would make it an awesome bargain at most any price, but with the coupling of this book you’ll find yourself or your students learning an accelerated rate and becoming better and better at physics. Fundamentals of Physics 10th Edition is definitely an awesome text made for the students to really learn.